ROONSH is a world leading brand of professional electrical automation technology, headquartered in Core Zone of Albany, New York, USA. Since its establishment, ROONSH has been committed to offering solutions to the trickiest challenges in the power industry, from high-speed automatic transfer switch, green power quality to radio power transmission. Its business and service network covers North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific region and other regions. It uses the cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the power safety of customers.

In the last century, Professor ROONEY of MIT, known as the "King of Electrical Engineering", was accidentally injured by the sudden stop of the escalator caused by power switching while riding the escalator; while similar situations also often happened to SHEEN, a well-known military machinery expert and friend of Professor ROONEY. Due to this common factor, the two men hit it off and found ROONSH, which is dedicated to the research of safe and reliable high-speed transfer switches without transient interruption. ROONSH’s goal is clear: human progress shall not be hindered by power switching problems.

ROONSH provide users with the best quality products and fast services with dedicated & professional spirits and wholehearted service concept.

  • RNSH-MV Series

    RNSH-MV Series

  • RNSH-VB bypass

    RNSH-VB bypass

  • RNSH-7S Draw out

    RNSH-7S Draw out

  • RNSH-7S Series

    RNSH-7S Series

  • RNSH-2S Series

    RNSH-2S Series

  • RNSH-MFT series dynamic compensation

    RNSH-MFT series dynamic compensation

  • RNSH-SV Series Static Var Generator

    RNSH-SV Series Static Var Generator

  • RNSH-AP series active filter

    RNSH-AP series active filter

Hot News
Successful Development of A 14.8 Millisecond Hybrid High-Speed Transfer Switch by ROONSH 062017-05
Successful Development of A 14.8 Millisecond Hybrid High-Speed Transfer Switch by ROONSH

With the rapid development of social science and technology, the requirement on ATS switching time has becoming increasingly higher. After more than ten years of dedicated research by ROONSH researchers, the hybrid high-speed transfer switch came out with its design using the two-in-one structure mode & the combination of semiconductor and mechanical switch, and the switching off time being as short as 14.8 milliseconds. All innovations are driven by its concept, i.e. satisfaction of user needs.

Establishment by ROONSH of Branches in New Zealand

ROONSH plans to build up a factory in New Zealand and put it into operation in two years. It also plans to set up a new laboratory in Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand this year, focusing on the research and development of high-speed ATS without transient interruption and of wireless power transmission. In addition, as part of the reserve personnel training program, the college students of New Zealand will have the opportunity to attend training at ROONSH headquarters in the United States in the future.

Bid Winning: 51 Sets of 4,000A Bypass Switches for Amazon U.S.A. Data Center

Relying on ROONSH's world-leading ATS technology, ROONSH has won the bid among dozens of ATS manufacturers bidding for the Amazon Chicago Data Center Project to provide 51 sets of 4,000A high-capacity bypass disconnecting switches for the project.

Successful Application of ROONSH’s Automatic Changeover Switch Products in Rio Olympics Games


ROONSH has specially introduced the world-leading RNSH-VE series of closed circuit uninterrupted changeover switches in view of the complex climate and power consumption environment in Brazil and took the lead in bringing the power system into an era of continuous power supply.

ROONSH has been widely applied and recognized with considerable popularity and reputation in the world. Presently ROONSH has acquired many key international projects such as UAE Government Villa, Singapore Changi Airport, Presence International Airport in Mauritius, and Youth Olympic Games in Africa and Europe.

Insiders pointed out that ROONSH can, with its decades of technological accumulation and industrial experiences, well exploit the global markets including Brazil. In addition, ROONSH has always paid great attention to technological innovation, and in recent years, it has invested a large amount of manpower and capital in introduction of advanced technologies from the world, cooperation with internationally renowned companies or establishment of independent R&D centers. So far, ROONSH’s R&D teams have employed more than 80 top technicians in the industry, which is very rare among similar brands.

  • Difference between PC and CB levels of ATS switches
    The mechanism design concepts of the two are different. The CB level product is composed of a circuit breaker responsible for breaking arcs; while the task of the PC level product is switching.
  • What kinds of dual power switches are there?

    ATSE can be divided into professional ATSEs and derivative ATSEs according to which standards the main switch meets. There is only one type of professional ATSEs: professional integrated PC level. The derivative ATSEs are further divided into the CB level with circuit breaker as the main switch, the PC level with load switch or disconnecting switch as the main switch, and the CC level with contactor as the main switch.